Our core values

integrity Integrity
We are honest in our actions and speech. We believe in doing what is right. We practice integrity.
Individuality Individuality
Each child is unique and capable. We train them to embrace their individuality and be just themselves.
Innovation Innovation
Learning activities, materials, etc. are introduced into the classroom environment that encourages innovation.
Excellence Excellence
We pursue excellence in education to remain effective by learning constantly and being the best we can be.

Why Choose Allenkids?

Just like no two flowers in the garden are the same, no two children can be the same. Each child is a blossoming bud with its own special fragrance. It is our responsibility as facilitators and parents, to provide them the environment they need to achieve their fullest potential.

Motor Skills
Language Development
Language Development
Social Development
Social Development
Cognitive Development
Cognitive Development

Our Programs



Playgroup 1 : (2 yrs to 3 yrs)
We practice an integrated thematic study which aims at enhancing the development and education of children through play.
Playgroup 2 ( 3 yrs to 4 yrs)
Our specially designed curriculum encourages children to develop self- confidence and self -esteem to feel valued as individuals.
Children learn different skills like communication and language including listening, speaking and understanding.
Preparatory: (Age group 5-6 years)
A preparatory year is a programme designed to prepare the students for the primary classes.

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