From Principle’s Desk

Welcome to the prestigious Allen Kids school which is growing from strength to strength and is the fastest-growing chain of North India.

Allen Kids take pride in the overall development of the children with academics and character-building forming an intrinsic part of the curriculum.

The environment is created for children to explore, play, examine things in the surroundings and learn to conclude. We provide appropriate learning opportunities and materials to our learners to foster their imagination and creativity.

Our approach in learning uses STREAM activities i.e. Science, Technology, Reading and Writing, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics as a means to build inquiry, dialogue, and critical thinking in learners.

We integrate Reading and Writing skills seamlessly with the thematic curriculum. Children love to engage in music, dance, drama, art, and craft. This supports social, emotional, and cognitive development. Children learn to express themselves freely and become socially outgoing.

A strong home-school connection is established. Parents are educational partners in the upbringing of their ward.

We provide the best facilities and training to our teachers since the teachers play a pivotal role in the learning environment of the child.

We respect each child’s individuality and ensure progress in the learning curve of every child.

Allen Kids where “The child is the curriculum!”

Best Wishes

Centre Head