• Nursery provides early education and child care to children aged between 4-5 years.
  • Children learn different skills like communication and language including listening, speaking and understanding.
  • Different activities are framed in such a way which enhances their logical thinking and problem solving.
  • Circle time promotes structure and routine. The children learn to listen, speak within a group and sit still while enjoying a variety of songs and stories, pertinent to the day’s discussion.
  • Both gross and fine motor skills are exercised through a variety of play and class activities.
  • Sensory play includes activities that stimulates children’s senses such as sound, sight, smell, taste and touch. Play dough, finger painting and sand play are some activities that helps them to enhance their senses.
  • Music and singing activity help the children learn the sound beats and rhythm. It also makes them aware of new words and their meaning.
  • We work on overall development of the child.
  • Art and craft activities also help in improving fine motor skills and enhances their creativity and imagination.