Our Approach


“Good teaching and Good Learning are linked through the student’s experience of what we do. It follows that we cannot teach better unless we are able to see what we are doing from the child’s point of view.”

Allen Kids is filled with rich opportunities for growth, support and compliments as well as learning and practicing conflict resolution, respect for self and others, and etiquette. At Allen Kids, we are committed to a systematic and facilitated process where teaching is all about holistic development; we work on language, social and cognitive skills of a child. Our curriculum is a thematic learning programme that builds on the learner’s existing knowledge through establishing a co-relation with different domains of learning. It provides a plethora of opportunities to give learners multiple ways of expressing themselves.

Our sessions are designed to encourage children to socialize with their peers, partake in team games, learn to take turns, develop independence by engaging in self-help skills and extend their listening literacy ,concentration and verbal skills. It also gives children more challenging activities which are adult directed to prepare themselves for the primary school.

Our integrated activity approach adds more meaning to learning, make it adaptable and flexible as well as applicable to real life.

Our curriculum is child centric, infact the child is our curriculum.

We work in close partnership with parents and educators to ensure your child gets the best opportunity to develop by following the best practice.

All children are given equal opportunity to explore their full potential regardless of their ability. Children develop concern for their environment and an enhanced learning of the world in which they live.

We inculcate morals and values to foster positive thinking and help them groom into well balanced individual.

We follow NCERT norms for early foundation years.

Allen Kids provides a stimulating and nurturing environment, inspiring children to try their best, attempt new things and explore learning and the wider world. We want every child to thrive in this environment. Working with early foundation years framework curriculum which sets our statuary standards that all early years providers must meet.