Playgroup 2

Playgroup 2 ( 3 yrs to 4 yrs)
  • We practice integrated thematic study which aims at enhancing development and education of children through play.
  • Our specially designed curriculum encourages children to develop self- confidence and self -esteem to feel valued as individuals.
  • Circle time is a great time for children to learn social skills of being together as a large group and to learn more about the theme
  • It continues to be a fun time for them to sing, count, listen to stories, discuss their daily routine and participate in simple demonstrations and observations.
  • Stage presentation helps the children to appreciate and know the importance of the theme. It also boosts their confidence in public speaking.
  • Playing quiz games enhance their knowledge in an interesting and interactive manner.
  • Various class activities that involve the sharing of ideas and information, help children develop children’s linguistic abilities.
  • They learn to recognize, trace and write letters and numbers,
  • Learn words with beginning sound of each letter.
  • They develop motor skills through planned indoor and outdoor activities
  • Story sessions enhance their language, vocabulary and imagination.
  • Music and dance activities help the children learn the sound beats and rhythm. It also makes them aware of new words and their meanings.
  • Art and craft activities also helps in improving fine motor skills and enhances their creativity and imagination.