Preparatory: (Age group 5-6 years)

A Preparatory year is a programme designed to prepare the students for the primary classes. The curriculum of our Preparatory classes is a holistic, child centred program that nurtures each child by offering focused meaningful instruction which is appropriate for their development. This classroom provides opportunities to develop independence, self-discipline, peer cooperation through edusports and freeplay.

Social emotional development is addressed everyday through positive reinforcement, interactive activities and engaging them to build interpersonal skills. 

  • Among the programme and lessons, we offer this to age  group are:
    • Circle time is a big feature to share ideas and experiences and to revise topics covered in the class. Plenty of opportunities are given to share favourite stories and songs. 
    • Reading and language lessons are focused on language acquisitions which include oral language development and vocabulary.
    • Technology skills are incorporated each week with the use during computer time.
    • This group also partakes in yoga, skating, adventure sports etc to foster confidence, self- awareness, self -esteem & well- being.
    • Leaders are appointed to give children authority as well as responsibility. They learn to accept challenges.
    • Art and craft activities also help in improving fine motor skills and enhance their creativity and imagination.
    • Music and dance activities help the children learn the sound beats and rhythm. It also makes them aware of new words and their meanings.


    Children learn to develop all necessary skills to leave Allen Kids as confident, responsible and independent individuals, ready for their primary school.