Why Choose Allen Kids?

Just like no two flowers in the garden are the same, no two children can be the same. Each child is a blossoming bud with its own special fragrance. it is our responsibility as facilitators and parents, to provide them the environment they need to achieve their fullest potential.

At Allen Kids, we are committed to encourage a love for learning in an environment where creativity, resilience, optimism, strength of character, and wellbeing are nurtured.

A great foundation at this particular age can lay rock-solid foundation for later life.


At Allen Kids we have –

  • Happy, caring, trained and dedicated team of teachers who act more as facilitators.
  • Exciting, innovative and engaging activities which promote early reading, writing and mathematical skills through hands on learning.
  • A plethora of extracurricular and co – curricular activities.
  • Several enrichment programmes which include field trips, self-help activities, share and care programmes contributing towards the environment and society and stage presentation for all children.
  • Our students are well bestowed with knowledge, good values and equipped with the necessary self-help skills to leave Allen Kids as confident, responsible and independent pupil.

Virtual Learning

The trend taking the spotlight currently is virtual learning. Without a doubt, online learning benefits children and teachers alike. 

Technology has aided sensory learning. Creative videos and audios are helping children to understand their surroundings better.

Our core values

WhatsApp Image 2020-12-26 at 17.32.11 Integrity
We are honest in our actions and speech. We believe in doing what is right. We practice integrity.
twogirl Individuality
Each child is unique and capable. We train them to embrace their individuality and be just themselves.
Sensory (5) Innovation
Learning activities, materials, etc. are introduced into the classroom environment that encourages innovation.
pexels-pixabay-159579 Excellence
We pursue excellence in education to remain effective by learning constantly and being the best we can be.